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Infusers vs Tea Bags

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Tea Infusers: Why you should use one.

Many people around the world drink tea in the usual way. Popping a teabag in a cup and letting it brew. It’s the reason why tea is the second most drank beverage after water, its simplicity! Not much need, just boiled water.

I drank it pretty much the same way for many years until I discovered loose leaf tea. Now I enjoy a variety of teas ie green tea, Lapsang Souchong, Rooibos, camomile and various others. I love the richness of flavour that tea gets when you leave it in for longer, but sometimes that brings with it a bitterness when using a tea bag with a lot of tea in it. Now I can use as much or as little of the tea leaf as I like and get the flavour to exactly my taste.

Brewing loose leaf tea can be much messier than tea bags, but the range of choice offered with loose leaf tea is significantly greater offering a whole palette of flavours. Tea bags contain much more tea leaf, creating waste and throwing away good tea much earlier. A tin of loose leaf tea lasts significantly longer, and usually costs much less than pre-packaged teas.

So how do I get the tea process to be less messy and create much less fuss.

Here are a few ways in which to create that perfect cup.

Infusers & Strainers

Infusers are great for a quick brew. Most of us have some form of a strainer in our own kitchens.

They can be made from stainless steel, or as many others shaped in novelty characters, made from food grade silicone. This allows it to be used over and over again, creating much less waste. They also come in a variety of meshes ranging from a fine mesh, keeping your cup residue free to a larger mesh releasing the flavour quicker.

Many infusers sit in the cup to brew the tea, while other sit on top of the cup allowing for easy removal after brewing is done.

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Teapots are a necessity for brewing large amounts of tea. The teapot has its advantages for this.

Tea leave can move freely in the water, allowing it to unfurl, releasing the flavours.

There are a range of teapots with its own built in infuser, which can be removed to clean. this is handy for keeping leaves out of your cup.

If your teapot doesn’t come with an infuser it’s very simple to use one when pouring the tea to catch any loose pieces before they reach the cup.

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Last words on Infusers & Strainers

They come in a variety of sizes shapes and materials. finding the right one for your style is the first step into the world of your tea experience. Start by choosing which way you prefer to infuse your tea, or go for both and decide which you would stick with.

The main thing is that your tea drinking experience is a pleasant one.